The New Trailer For Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC Is Here


Destiny 2‘s next DLC, Warmind, launches tomorrow. To get players pumped up, a new trailer dropped today. The trailer gives plenty of details for those hungry for news. It covers both the campaign content, some new Exotics, the new Escalation Protocol gamemode, and more.

Up first, the Escalation Protocol mode. We covered the ins and out of the mode in a previous article, and the trailer drives home the point that this is planned as end game content. A wave based hoard mode, it see’s your Fireteam taking on the Martian version of the Hive, known as Frozen Hive. Up next, the new Raid Lair, known as Spire of Stars. While previous Lairs took us into the belly of the beast, this one seems to take place atop Calus’ massive ship.

Weapon wise, Exotic Sword’s make a return, in the form of the Worldline Zero. We also get a glimpse of the Polaris Lance, an Exotic Scout Rifle, and the Huckleberry, an Exotic SMG. Finally, the trailer takes a look at some campaign content. Based around Mars, the Hive are attempting to destroy a powerful weapon. The Guardians must explore Rasputin, an unpredictable Golden Age AI. We also get to see what appears to be some kind of enormous Hive Worm. This appears to be the giant beast that was hinted at in previous trailers. Any fans of Dune out there will know the story with massive creatures like this, and it does look like we will get to fight it.

The new Warmind DLC is only one sleep away, and everyone knows the best unit to measure time is sleep! It will release tomorrow for PS4, Xbox One and PC.