The Nintendo Switch Pro could be getting a reveal before E3

The ultimate handheld.

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Pro appears to be something of an open secret in the gaming industry at the moment, although it might not be staying secret for long. According to a report from Bloomberg, Nintendo has plans to get their upgraded Switch Pro onto shelves as soon as September, with a reveal coming before E3, the industry’s biggest convention.

The article says that the price point is likely to be higher than the standard units $299. This makes sense, given the rumored performance increases of the Switch Pro, with the updated version being capable of hitting 4K resolutions. Despite having the unique selling point of being a handheld, the Switch still needs to compete with Microsoft and Sony’s newest hardware.

The display is rumored to be a 7-inch Samsung OLED display, and general improvements all-around when it comes to the chips that will be powering the unit. The current shortage of semiconductors, more expensive components, and a general increase in the cost of labor and shipping will also impact the sales price.

The reason for the reveal taking place prior to E3 is currently thought to be that it will give developers and publishers the chance to feature the upcoming console in their own presentations and cover games that will be available for the unit. As such, we may not have long to wait until we get full details on the upcoming handheld that has been gaming worst kept secret for a while now.