The Order: 1886 Sequel Had Already Been Written


Ready at Dawn could’ve built a sequel to PlayStation 4 exclusive action game The Order: 1886, according to CEO Ru Weerasuriya. The developer had indeed worked on a huge amount of story material, that would’ve served as a foundation for the follow up.

After the not-so-great critical reception, Sony has decided that the series would stick to the original chapter, although it basically ended on a cliffhanger. That was quite a shame because, said of its many issues, the game had something special.


“It’s hard for me to answer that one [laughs]. I will tell you the same answer I would’ve given in the past before The Order came out, that [the] IP was built with a lot of work behind it,” Weerasuriya told Polygon.

“Even before the release of the game, we put a lot of work on the foundations of why each of these characters are who they are, where they came from, what is behind the story. Not 1886, but what’s behind the story,” he added.

“We asked, ‘Where did it start? Where is it going?’ There is a lot of [story] that was already written, because we felt, again, writing a game and just kind of isolating it to just the story that it would’ve been was not enough for us.”

The Order: 1886 is available for PS4, so if you want to give it a look…