The Outer Worlds 2 Could Be An Xbox Exclusive


The Xbox Game Studios allows for developers to receive freedom in publishing games on multi-platforms and consoles. However, the platform is also looking into titles that might become franchises exclusive to the Xbox console and Windows PC going forward.

Among these, as shared by Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty in an interview with GameInformer, we can find The Outer Worlds. The science-fiction, RPG title may get an Xbox and Windows exclusive in the future, despite having its first chapter on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch later this year.

“From what we’ve seen of Outer Worlds, my hope is that that’s something we can build and that it really becomes an enduring franchise and it really starts to grow and we can help expand that,” said Booty, hinting at the potential of the intellectual property.

“I think that it’s a great universe they’ve created and I think about what are the things that you need for a franchise to kind of bear weight?” Booty said. “Like what can it withstand? Is it a narrative, is it a set of characters, is it a universe that’s big enough that you could start to add onto it?”

It’s worth noting that Obsidian Entertainment had already been acquired by Microsoft when it announced its publishing deal with Private Division, an indie-oriented 2K Games label. So, this is the core reason why The Outer Worlds is coming to so many platforms right now.

Booty also mentioned that the studio is working on multiple Xbox projects, sure enough for the next generation of consoles. Production has been ramped up since being acquired last December. We don’t know whether a sequel to the incoming sci-fi, Fallout-like game is already in pre-production. But it seems like there’s the intention to have the franchise around, moving forward.