The Outer Worlds Dev Already Looking Into “Next Games” Thanks To Microsoft


Microsoft has been acquiring lots of developers lately, establishing a new structure called Xbox Game Studios. It’s made up of talents like Obsidian, inXile, Compulsion, Ninja Theory, Double Fine, The Initiative, and more.

Over the last few months, we’ve discussed a lot of times about how the company doesn’t want to change those studios’ DNA. It only wants to offer resources to developers, which they already like what they’ve been doing all along.

This approach is the same for Obsidian Entertainment. It’s shipping The Outer Worlds in one week and is already looking into “next games” thanks to stability, funding, and resources offered by Microsoft.

“On the studio level, for me personally, one of the nice things is that now that we’re a part of Microsoft, we’re focusing more on what the next games are going to be, rather than, ‘How do we pitch the next games?'” Obsidian senior designer Brian Heins told Wccftech.

“When we were acquired, Microsoft’s said to us, ‘We’re buying you because we want you to keep making games the way you’ve been doing, not to change you.'” Heins added.

“And that’s been reassuring a lot of people on the team; we’re not suddenly going to be asked to be a different studio than we have been. We have been given the assurance to keep making these games that our fans like–hopefully on a grander scale and better quality.”

We don’t know yet if Microsoft’s acquiring more developers in the future (perhaps we might hear about that at X019 in November?). But we love hearing talented developers like Obsidian won’t have issues anymore in doing what they’re most skilled – crafting amazing games.

The Outer Worlds is releasing on Oct. 25. It’ll be enhanced on PS4 Pro, too.