The Outer Worlds Epic Games Store Exclusivity Deal Was A Private Division Decision


Epic Games Store was born only very recently but has already managed to obtain a huge amount of hatred by fans over the Internet.

It’d be too long to resume all the reasons for this hatred, which spans the use of Steam files and Epic selling data to China through its investor Tencent.

One of the biggest reasons is any way the exclusivity deal that Epic Games Store is securing with a lot of devs and publishers granting them a share of the 88% on sales (against Steam’s 70%).

Among the gamers coming exclusively to the store on PC, we can find The Outer Worlds by Obsidian Entertainment.

It’s not a proper exclusive as it is still coming to Microsoft Store, but sure enough, it’s not dropping to Steam. Borderlands 3 is rumored to be following the same steps.

Obsidian tried and explained this situation since many Steam fans reached the studio to obtain information and complain about the lack of support for Valve’s store.

“I just wanted to say one question that maybe, if you’ve messaged me on Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter, or text me or DMed me – any kind of thing – about the Epic Games Store,” communications director Mikey Dowling said.

“We just wanted to let you know that our Private Division partners are fantastic and we love working with them, but it’s a decision that they made for the game.

We’re just excited to be working on the game with them, and we want to just talk about this awesome game that you just saw.”

So, it’s just a business decision where the developer was not involved, and the publisher was the sole responsible behind it.

The Outer Worlds will be the last game by Obsidian not published under Microsoft since it’s now part of the Xbox Game Studios.