The Outer Worlds PS4 Pro Enhancement Confirmed, 1440p Native Resolution


A few hours ago, we reported about The Outer Worlds being enhanced only for Xbox One X. That news left PS4 Pro in the dark, which is quite unusual if you consider that PlayStation 4 is the console with the largest consumer adoption this generation.

On top of that, there was a suspicion that Microsoft, the owner of Obsidian Entertainment, might have interfered with making Xbox One X the best console where you can play the game, which would have been utterly disappointing.

However, publisher Private Division has clarified the matter, fundamentally precising that the original statement was to point out that Xbox One X would run the game at 4K while PS4 Pro will upscale from 1440p, which happens quite often.

“The Outer Worlds is enhanced for both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro,” said the publisher in a tweet. “It includes 4K textures and resolution on Xbox One X and PC and upsamples to 4K from 1440p on PS4 Pro. It looks great across all platforms, and we’re excited for players to experience The Outer Worlds on October 25th.”

So, it doesn’t look Microsoft has something to do with the decision not to make the title run at 4K on PS4 Pro since the console is not handling a lot of games at that resolution. It’s rather understandable why Obsidian opted for that native res on that specific console, and that’s very different from not having any enhancement at all.