The Outer Worlds Speedrun Record Comes In At 30 Minutes


The Outer Worlds is one of those RPGs where you want to stay forever, even though its main quest doesn’t come in very lengthy — it’s around 15 hours, plus other 15-20 hours if you’re going to play in a big completist way.

However, the game has already been at the center of speedrunning efforts, with players who have completed it very quickly.

As reported by PCGamesN, The Outer Worlds speedrunning record has come in at 30:54 minutes, which is rather impressive if you consider how long the title is, and how tough it can be to go through certain areas (without allowing others to harm you, on top of that).

As you can see, the record has been put at “any %,” which means that the speedrunner in question has not given a lot of importance to how many things it has done in the game but only considered reaching the finish line.

“This run is very early in development, and the times will change over the next couple of weeks – but a sub-31 is a good starting ground for the category,” also added the speedrunner, so you’ll get that line going down even further over the next few days. Impressive.

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