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Vampyr Ultimate Skill Guide - All Skills, Upgrades And How To Unlock Them

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Vampyr Ultimate Skill Guide

In Vampyr as Jonathan Reid, you can unlock different skills, and upgrade them by paying XP. In this guide, you can find a list of all skills and their upgrade cost.

How To Get Hidden Life is Strange Easter Egg In Vampyr

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Life is Strange Easter Egg Vampyr

Vampyr has an Easter egg that points towards Life is Strange, another title by Dontnod Entertainment. The Easter Egg is hidden and appears for a very short while.

How To Defeat Sewer Beast In Vampyr - Boss Fight Tips

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Kill Sewer Beast

Sewer Beast is a tough boss fight in Vampyr, but with few simple tips and tricks you can defeat/kill him easily.

How To Complete All Pembroke Hospital Investigations - Vampyr

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Pembroke Hospital Investigations

You can play seven investigations in Pembroke Hospital District of Vampyr, all are triggered after finding and talking to the right NPC.

How To Win Game Without Killing Anyone - Vampyr

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Vampyr Kill Anyone Walkthrough

You can finish Vampyr game without killing any citizen, but you have to follow some important tips and tricks to tackle the enemies and bosses.

Vampyr Ending Walkthrough - Patient Zero & Healthy Carrier

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Vampyr Ending Walkthrough

In Ending Walkthrough of Vampyr you will find two chapters Patient Zero & Healthy Carrier and you will also find tips on Harriet Jones boss fight.

Vampyr Second Opinion Walkthrough - Defeat Geoffrey McCullum Boss

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Vampyr Second Opinion Walkthrough

In Chapter 5 Second Opinion as Jonathan you will be facing Geoffrey McCullum Boss. You have to fight him to save Dr. Swansea.

Vampyr Wiki - Walkthrough, Collectibles, Tips And More

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Vampyr Wiki Guide

Vampyr Wiki Guide - Checkout full walkthrough, collectibles, tips and tricks, and latest update on the action role-playing game.

Vampyr Rising Fever Walkthrough - Defeat Doris Fletcher Boss

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Rising Fever Walkthrough

In Chapter 4 Rising Fever of Vampyr Walkthrough as Jonathan will be investigating the infection source and fight with Doris Fletcher a renowned actress.

Vampyr Family History Walkthrough - Fergal And Mary Boss Fight

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Vampyr Family History Walkthrough

In Chapter 3 Family History of Vampyr Walkthrough as Jonathan, you will be investigating murders that will lead two boss fights Fergal and Mary.