The Outer Worlds Won’t Support Crafting For A Reason

The Outer Worlds Won't Support Crafting For A Reason

The Outer Worlds, the upcoming game from the creators of the original Fallout games, is releasing later this year.

It’s looking great but, among the other things, it won’t support crafting, which has been a gameplay pillar in previous Obsidian titles.

In an interview with USGamer, lead designer Charles Staples explained why the studio, now owned by Microsoft but publishing the game under Private Division, made this choice.

“One of the reasons we sort of shied away from it was with all the corporate branding that we had,” said Staples.

“We felt like doing a lot of your own crafting sort of took away from one of those themes that we were trying to hammer on quite a bit and get across.”

Anyway, the game will still be coming with things that will allow to kind of customize your experience, like any other RPG out there.

“So if the players were doing just a lot of making their own things, it sort of lessened that message that we were trying to talk about.

But we still want to allow a little bit of customisation. We support that through modding weapons and armor.”

The Outer Worlds is releasing later this year, most likely in late summer, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.