The Perfect Pencil invokes Hollow Knight and Celeste comparisons in announcement trailer

No release date penciled in yet though.

Image via Studio Cima

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The Perfect Pencil, a psychological 2D action-adventure game from Italian development team Studio Cima that invokes Hollow Knight and Celeste, has been announced for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Drawing comparisons with Hollow Knight and Celeste, The Perfect Pencil’s hand-crafted world promises “engaging interactions, challenging choices” and “fast paced combat” according to its official site

An announcement trailer showcasing the game’s story, exploration, and combat was released today. Check it out below:

The game is “inspired by a personal experience of psychological struggle.” You play as John (a boy with a camera for a head and a pencil as a sword) and “help him through his perilous journey of personal growth.” As the trailer shows, there will be plenty of platforming, multiple-choice dialogue options, and emotional moments to play through. As per the game’s Steam listing, you’ll “unravel the facets of human reactions to fear” and “face the consequences of the choices you make” which hints at a potential for multiple endings and unique playthroughs.

The Analysis ability is used to deduce information from “NPCs, peculiar objects, and environmental observations.” It will be used to help the player make choices and discover secrets, which will influence “the final outcome of your journey.”

There is no release date for The Perfect Pencil just yet, but you can wishlist it now on Steam.