The Second Half of Fortuna Has Arrived in Warframe


Fortuna was a recent expansion for free-to-play space ninja game, Warframe. The second part of it dropped today. Even though the first part introduced all manner of things like Kit Guns, a new playable area, new NPCs, quests, and much more, it appears to have just been the start of our adventure.

Today’s update, called The Profit Taker, lets us take on the giant spider robots that we have seen roaming around Orb Vallis. It also introduces a new Warframe in the form of Baruuk, new weapons, and the new ability to use rather large Archwing guns on foot. Oh, matron!

It should be noted that this addition to the expansion is primarily aimed at those who have already sank some time into the Fortuna update. You’ll need to complete lots of quests for the people of Fortuna, and attain the rank of Old Mate with the Solaris United Syndicate. Full patch notes can be found here, for those who wish to read them.

The Warframe community is always clamoring for more end game content, and this seeks to deliver with the Orb Heist missions. These will involve you taking on the massive spider robots, and part of the reward will be the ability to call down massive Archwing weapons for use on foot. They arrive with a stacked ammo drum, and can be called down every ten minutes. That certainly sounds like a fun time to me.

I haven’t had a chance to crack open the new content yet, but will be jumping right into it to bring you all as many guides as I can. If you need help with any aspect of Warframe, make sure you have a look in our Guide Hub, as we might just be able to help you out.