The Shadow War DLC pack is coming to Call of Duty: WWII on Aug. 28


The final DLC pack for Call of Duty: WWII will arrive in less than a week—and it will wrap up the game’s Nazi Zombies story.

With the release of Black Ops 4 under two months away, the life cycle for WWII is coming to a close. But the fourth DLC set is still yet to come. The Shadow War DLC pack will add three new maps—Airship, Excavation, and Chancellery—Operation Arcane in War, and bring the final chapter of Nazi Zombies: Frozen Dawn.

Unlike the three previous packs, Shadow War features Party Up Map Access, which will allow Season Pass owners to share the DLC maps with other players. Instead of every player needing the new maps, only the Season Pass owner would need access to give everyone in their party the chance to play as well.

This addition is likely an effort from Sledgehammer to give players another reason to play the game in a time where many tend to branch out to other games. The Black Ops 4 Blackout private beta launches next month, meaning this DLC pack will be one of the final chances for Sledgehammer to grab players before the next installment really takes over.

This, of course, is mostly for PlayStation 4 players. Due to Activision’s deal with Sony, PS4 receives DLC and pretty much all CoD-related content long before Xbox and PC users. This is the same for Shadow War, a DLC pack that PS4 players will likely have nearly a month before anyone else.

With the four DLC packs, Sledgehammer added dozens of maps and missions over the past 10 months since WWII was released. The fan-favorite Shipment map was also repackaged as Shipment 1944 and added in through an update earlier in the year.

Update Aug. 28 10:33am CT: A new Division, Commando, and two new Basic Trainings—Catalyst and Remedy—have been added to the game as well.