The Sims 4 has reached 20 million players worldwide

Silly life-simulation has a huge audience.

Sims 4

Ever since its release on PC in 2014 (and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 three years later), The Sims 4 has become one of the most notable releases in the life-simulation genre. Today, Electronic Arts confirmed that it’s also popular to boot.

As part of its latest quarterly conference call that took place earlier today, the publisher revealed that the game has reached 20 million unique players worldwide. While it didn’t break down precisely what this means in terms of game sales, it’s safe to say that a lot of people like The Sims.

Maxis’ latest entry in the series not only presents a new visual style to make it more adaptable to players but also provides new tools that make setting up misadventures easier than ever. What’s more, the developer continued to add to the game with several major expansions (including Pets, pictured above) along with routine updates. 

The last one to launch was Discover University, which arrived in November. It enables fans to enroll their Sims in college and experience that school life like never before.

Even without specific sales numbers, The Sims 4 helped drive EA’s digital sales to new heights in the fiscal year. During the earnings call, the publisher revealed that digital net bookings reached $4.128 billion, an increase of 15 percent from the previous year. No doubt they’ll remain on the radar for 2020, though plans for future expansions haven’t been revealed yet.

What’s more, a new audience will get to try The Sims 4 out next month, as it’s one of the free games Sony will give away for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Considering the sizable amount of users it has, there should be quite a few more people jumping into this virtual life. Check out the latest trailer below if you haven’t seen The Sims 4 in action yet.