The Sinking City Dev Explains Epic Games Store Exclusive PC Release


Over the last few months, you might have noticed that lots of developers and publishers decide to ship their games on, or only on the Epic Games Store. There’s a rather specific reason for this to happen, as Epic demands a very tiny 12% revenue share on the sales of the titles, while Steam has a 30% deal.

The Sinking City is the latest game to be released only on the Epic Games Store, and developer Frogwares has been very transparent in claiming, during an interview at E3 2019, that the deal with the creators of Fortnite is something that will allow the company to survive and make more games in the future.

“We ask the players to understand that we had to make this choice as it is important for our future as a game development company. So it’s a huge boost to us being able to develop more games for so many platforms,” said Sergey Oganesyan.

This doesn’t mean that Oganesyan and his team don’t understand why people are so upset at such deals, since the Epic Games Store is still a lot sparse in terms of features and is lacking some of the things that Steam has made the norm (like cloud saves and playtime, although this will be coming in July).

“On our Facebook page, on our YouTube channel, yes, we get comments from people who are not happy because they will not be able to play this game on their favorite storefront this year. We understand the frustration,” he said.

The Sinking City is releasing on June 27 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Pre-orders on Epic Games Store allow you to have two-day early access.