The Sinking City’s Release Date Removed from Steam

Lovecraftian horror-game The Sinking City has had its release date removed from Steam and the original time has changed on Amazon. The game was set to release on March 21. Now, the Amazon Day One orders have switched to May 31.

When you go to the Steam page for The Sinking City, the only release date you see is for 2019, with no additional time provided.

For those who have not heard about the upcoming game, The Sinking City takes place in the 1920s on the East Coast of the United States. You play as a private investigator who enters the partially submerged city of Oakmont with the intention to uncover to secrets of the supernatural-plagued town. While you wander around Oakmont, you encounter a variety of different cases, each with multiple ways for you to solve them.

You can still pre-order The Sinking City for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Amazon, or on Steam for the PC for $59.99.

OnlySP first noticed this release date change.

The Sinking City | Death May Die – Cinematic Trailer

We are happy to announce that The Sinking City is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 12, 2019. Pre-order now for exclusive bonuses: He believed he’d be able to rip loose the veil clouding his lost memories, and bring to light the horrors hiding inside, biding their time to submerge the world.