The Suicide of Rachel Foster Is An Eerie Mystery Thriller Dropping Early Next Year


Fans of the mysterious, narrative-driven style in games like Firewatch and Gone Home are in luck when The Suicide of Rachel Foster releases early next year. Set in a desolate mountain hotel, the player will unravel a “dark family mystery” with nothing but the disembodied voice of a FEMA agent to guide you, while stuck in a snowstorm.

It’s a classic set-up at this point (The Shining probably being the biggest example), but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. When watching the trailer, it is easy to see the inspiration that the game draws from games like Firewatch and Gone Home, and as long as that gameplay is present, with a solid mystery and narrative, it could be a success.

The publisher of the game, Daedalic Studios, describes the game as a story about “love and deception.” The game is being developed by One-O-One Games, whose previous games include a Mad Max spinoff twin-stick shooter on mobile, so their narrative prowess is somewhat unknown and maybe a bit of a gamble.

Regardless, the game’s trailer looks eerie enough and fans of this style of gameplay have been shown enough to surely get some people eager to play when the game drops on Feb. 19. For those especially excited for the game, preorders are available on Steam now.