Learn to Live Off the Land in The Survivalists, a New Co-op Survival Sandbox From Team17


The team behind the The Escapists games has returned with another tale, this time based on island survival—and making monkeys do your bidding.

During today’s Nintendo Indie World presentation, Team17 revealed The Survivalists, the latest in its line of light-hearted survival adventures, set in the same universe as their previous endeavor, The Escapists.

In the new game, out sometime in 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, you guide characters who are stranded on a deserted island, discovering new places (like temples and forests) and the dangers inhabiting them. You’ll explore randomly generated wilderness areas and get new challenges from mysterious strangers, including some who simply washed up on the beach.

The Survivalists isn’t just about exploration, though. You’ll also be building, either alone or with others in co-op. You’ll need to work together to stay in one piece and eventually build up stockpiles of goods. But you can have adventures as well, and you’ll find essential and interesting loot as you progress.

There’s also a bit of micro-management involved, as you can use the game’s Mimic System to have the island’s native monkeys help you out. Provide them bananas and watch them lend a hand with building and completing missions within the game.