The Uncharted movie got delayed again

This time, it’s due to COVID-19.

Uncharted Loses Another Director

Sony has announced it is delaying multiple movies due to COVID-19, and those also include Tom Holland’s Uncharted. The movie about the Naughty Dog action-adventure franchise has had a tragic track record when it comes to delays, thus far.

It was initially announced in 2009, since then, has changed six directors before Ruben Fleischer (ZombielandVenom) got finally appointed. A first draft had Ryan Reynolds as Nathan Drake, but that was scrapped in favor of an origin story. 

This time, the delay is not on directors changing nor to complicated actors’ schedules, but on the novel coronavirus outbreak. The Uncharted movie was supposed to start shooting this month and was recently joined by famed actor Antonio Banderas.

Uncharted, from Columbia Pictures, was initially slated for March 5, 2021, but has now been delayed to October 8, 2021.

It’s not the sole film that is being delayed lately, as Sony has announced new dates for Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Morbius as well, as shared by Variety.