The Walking Dead: Our World Brings Survival Horror to Augmented Reality


Nearly two years after Pokémon Go became an overnight sensation, another hit franchise is dabbling in augmented reality mobile game. The Walking Dead: Our World is taking the hit zombie survival horror series and bringing it into the real world through Google Maps.

Created by Next Games and AMC, Our World lets players take on walkers by visiting real locations overrun by walkers. Using players’ smartphone GPS and Google Maps, players head on over to different infestations sites and mow down zombies, fighting side-by-side with characters straight from the TV series while displaying the outside world on screen with their smartphone camera. Check out the game’s official gameplay trailer below for more information.

Because The Walking Dead: Our World is based in Google Maps, the game updates its map based on new changes to a player’s nearby surroundings. So when a new road is created or a brand new building pops up in the real world, Our World draws on Google Maps’ data to render those new locations as well. That means the game’s AR experience is constantly changing in a way that parallels the world players are experiencing.

The Walking Dead: Our World is set to launch on iOS and Android across the world during Q2 2018, according to an official press release obtained by The OP. A playable demo will be available at GDC 2018 later this month from March 21 to March 23. Check out the game’s official website to register for more news about its official release.