The Witcher TV Netflix Show Main Trailer Released | Show Releasing On December 20


Netflix has finally released the main trailer for The Witcher TV Show, and the show now has a release date.

Netflix has had so far a pretty decent track record when it comes to video game adaptations. They currently have one of the best-received video game adaptations, with the animated Castlevania TV show being one of the most popular video game based shows yet.

When a live-action The Witcher TV show was initially announced by Netflix, fans had a mixture of hype and hesitation. The Witcher video game franchise is an open-world RPG series that are based on fantasy books of the same name. While Netflix was able to succeed with the animated Castlevania, live-action was an entirely different beast. Can any company, including Netflix, capture the vastness of The Witcher video game franchise on a TV format?

Even the casting of Henry Cavill, the actor who brought Superman to life in the recent DC live-action movies, as the main lead of Geralt, was met with mix reactions. Though many felt he nails the look of Geralt, others have not been a fan of his performances, particularly his sorrowful portrayal of the Man of Steel.

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With that said, there was still a lot of anticipation for The Witcher TV show. The official teaser trailer was released back in July and has since gained over 20 million views on YouTube. Yesterday it was announced that the official Main Trailer will be released on Halloween day.

Netflix releases the Main Trailer for the live-action The Witcher this morning.

The show looks to have very high production values, with the setting and costumes appearing very high quality. There’s a lot of action in the trailer, and even some nice callbacks to the franchise. There’s even a scene showing a naked Geralt in a bath tube, which is a reference to an infamous scene from the games that has since become a meme. We also get to see several of the other characters from the series, like Ciri.

Will this TV show recapture the magic of Castlevania? It is hard to say at this moment, even though the Main Trailer has many impressive moments in it.

The trailer ends with the release date for the TV show. The live-action The Witcher TV show will release on Netflix on Dec. 20.