Platinum Games teases The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch

The studio is currently working on Bayonetta 3 for the Switch.

The Wonderful 101 Splash art

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch has played host to a number of games that originally made their way to the Wii U first, including Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Mario Kart 8. However, one game that is a particular fan favorite is Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101.

There have been rumors that it’s next on the list, and today, the game’s creator Hideki Kamiya and Platinum teased that it could be happening. In a tweet, Platinum Games was commenting on a picture of Kamiya being photobombed by the studio’s President Kenichi Sato. But eagle-eyed fans spotted a rather interesting detail.

As you can see, the computer monitor shows the date and time as “1:01”, which of course sounds like it could be a reference to the game. 

The Wonderful 101 was an action-adventure game originally released in 2013 that put you in control of a large group of superheroes that morphed together to throw special attacks at enemies in a group as you worked through levels saving citizens and killing bosses. It was praised particularly by fans for its humor and colorful cast of characters. 

Many have been clamoring for a remake for Switch since the hybrid released, though it was not a big seller on the Wii U. The studio is also working on Bayonetta 3, though Platinum Studio is now a big enough studio that it could be putting together both projects at the same time.