The World Ends With You 2 Hinted By Tetsuya Nomura


Creative producer and main character designer Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that he wants to build a The World Ends With You 2 game after the original gets a Final Remix for Nintendo Switch.

In an interview with Nintendo, Nomura has commented that this is set to be the last time he works on the original game (it dropped on Nintendo DS back in the days and then got an iOS re-release) and that this is a good chance to create a path for the sequel.


“I’ve had a chance to attend various events in different countries during the 11 years following the release of The World Ends with You. On many occasions, I have been interviewed by both the fans and the media, who have told me how much they want me to make a sequel for The World Ends with You,” he said.

“We’ve been looking for an opportunity, and there were a few times we tried to get it started, but time passed without it ever coming to realization. There are a number of implications behind this Final Remix version. In addition to my intention of making this my last time working with the original game, I think this is the final chance for creating a path to the next step, which I’ve had ideas about since the first launch 11 years ago.”

Maybe this could be the next project after Nomura finally ships Kingdom Hearts III, which is slated for January 29, 2019. Once he’s free for a while, we’ll get to see what he’ll put his hands on: The World Ends With You, Final Fantasy, or more Kingdom Hearts?

Source: Nintendo