Things Are Getting Spooky in World of Warships

It’s October, which means that it’s time for Halloween-flavored content to arrive in your favorite games. World of Warships is getting spooky today with the release of the 0.7.10 update. This “Halloween Update” will add three new missions throughout the month.

Operation “Saving Transylvania”

This mission is available right away and tasks players with accompanying and escorting the ship Transylvania to safety from the Forces of Darkness and taking down the most sinister naval vessel, the Rasputin.

Operation “Sunray in the Darkness”

This missions will be released next week and follows on the theme of banishing threatening forces from the naval world. “Sunray in the Darkness” sees all Commanders teaming up to destroy a sinister portal that’s allowing evil into the world. Players must work together to protect the magical security towers, as they power up and close down the portal.

Operation “Terror of the Deep”

One of the most anticipated new features of World of Warships will be released in two weeks with the “Terror of the Deep” mission. Submarines will finally become a playable class in the game, allowing captains to sneak up on their foes for the first time.

Unrelated to Halloween, the 0.7.10 update also introduces Alexander Ovechkin, the Washington Capitals hockey star, as a captain, as we previously reported.