This Resident Evil Village Collector’s Edition comes with one wildly expensive coat

A call to all Chris Redfield cosplayers.

Screengrab via Capcom

If the most hardcore Resident Evil fans see dishing out $220 for the Resident Evil Village Collector’s Edition as a sign of love, they may need to put their love into question once they catch a glimpse at what’s being offered in Japan.

Dubbed the Complete Set Collector’s Edition, Japan’s exclusive Resident Evil Village bundle is a steep $1,800 (or 192,500 yen) and, of course, includes everything from the regular Collector’s Edition, such as the Chris Redfield statue, an art book, and an antique lockbox. However, there’s only one other item thrown in with all of this: a replica of Chris Redfield’s slick gray jacket.

Screengrab via Capcom

Yes, that means for an additional $1,580, courageous buyers can include this assumably cozy coat into the already pricey collection. If this sounds all too familiar, Capcom once tested fans’ dedication to the series with another expensive piece of cloth. Resident Evil 6 offered a Leon Kennedy replica jacket bundle, but that pre-order edition was a lighter $1,300 and was arguably more unique in design.

For those wild enough to add it to their carts, the Complete Set Collector’s Edition, along with all other various editions, will be released alongside Resident Evil Village on May 7.