This War of Mine is Free on Steam Right Now

The team here at TL;DR Games is looking forward to April 24th, the scheduled release date for Frostpunk. Developed by 11 bit studios, this much anticipated game will bring back many memories of having to make painful decisions that were first introduced to in This War of Mine. Those that have never experienced that kind of anguish are in luck. This War of Mine is currently free to play on Steam and will continue to be so until the end of the week on April 8th.

This is all thanks to 11 bit studios’ celebration of the upcoming release of Frostpunk. A special extended edition of the game, dubbed an Anniversary Edition, is freely available to play in Steam right now. You won’t be able to keep it past the end of the week, however the game is absolutely worthy of a purchase. Consider this week a trial run, a chance to see what 11 bit studios can do, and a welcome warmup for Frostpunk.

For the team at 11 bit studios, Frostpunk is their biggest and most ambitious project to date and with just three weeks left to the release, they’re in the mood for giving! Their gift to gamers is their most important creation so far, the solemn survival game, This War of Mine – an emotional narrative highlighting the struggle of surviving war and the heavy burden of getting by in a war-torn region from the eyes of the civilians it impacts.

If you choose to want to keep This War of Mine past the end of the week, it’s currently 70% off in the Steam Store. To learn more about 11 bit studios’ upcoming title, check out our Frostpunk Game Page.