This week in Red Dead Online: Bonuses for naturalists and fishers alike

Get some buds, some brews, and hit the lakes.

Red Dead Online

Spring is finally coming around the corner, and with the winter thaw, we get to finally spend some time outdoors. However, with the pandemic still ongoing, some may not feel too comfortable with the idea of heading out to the park just yet. For those folks, Rockstar seems to be trying to emulate that wanderlust with this week’s offerings in Red Dead Online. For the next seven days, anyone that makes their living in the great outdoors will receive a bit more cash and XP than they usually get.

Rockstar isn’t keeping things exclusive though, everybody gets a taste. Simply logging in to Red Dead Online this week will net you an outdoorsy care package. Included are three potent herbivore bait, three potent predator bait, and three special lake lures. A good chunk of the remaining benefits directly go to naturalists, so it’s a great time to get into the profession. It certainly helps that this week, breaking into the role will also cost players five less gold bars.

And to be honest, it may be worth it to become a naturalist this week. They’re set to rake in some serious dough, with every sample sale netting them double the usual cash and XP. Getting a sample from any legendary animal will also earn naturalists an extra reward in the form of 100 sedative varmint rifle rounds and five animal revivers. Naturalists should also play the wildlife photographer free roam event if they get the chance. Completing one round of it will earn players an offer for 40% off an advanced camera.

This week also sees a rare bonus to fishing, one of the overlooked outdoor activities of Red Dead Online. Not only do free roam fishing challenges earn players twice the usual cash and XP, but just selling fish to the butcher will earn you 50% more RDO$.

However, the benefits that everyone should take advantage of this week are the heavy discounts at Gus Macmillan’s shop. Players can bring him collectibles and pristine pelts to craft new clothes and trinkets that grant passive bonuses. For this week, all the items he has for sale are 30% off, not the biggest discount but certainly something to take advantage of.