This week in Red Dead Online: Bonuses for races, posses, and missions

This week’s offerings aren’t the most exciting, but they can still earn you some extra cash.

Screenshot Via Rockstar

Every week, Red Dead Online gets a new set of rewards, benefits, and other bonuses to bring players back or reward its existing users with more XP and cash. While some weeks are more exciting than others, they all give cowpokes across the West a chance to make the most out of their time spent online. That being said, this week’s offerings are some of the dullest we’ve seen in a while. Of course, there are still opportunities here, just not the best ones.

Starting off, there’s finally a reason to get back into Red Dead Online’s new telegram missions. Taking any of those jobs or helping out Horley and Jessica LeClerk in their missions will reward players with double the usual cash and XP rewards.

The same deal applies to the game’s horse races. They’re this week’s featured series, and regardless of how you place, you’ll earn double the cash and XP you’d usually get. No more feeling bad about coming in third place!

Finally, there are some bonus rewards for the outlaws that ride together. If you’re in a posse any time this week, you’ll get an offer for a whopping 30% off a stable slot. This is a particularly good deal, since the more stable slots you buy, the more expensive they get. Just as well, any persistent posse setup fees are being waived for the week.