This week in Red Dead Online: double XP, bonus Collector rewards, and more

Life in the wild west got a bit easier.

Image via Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online, like many other live services, thrives because it’s constantly updating with more content. Whether that content is meaningful is ultimately for players to decide. However, this week’s offerings are undeniably pretty sweet. Cowpokes across the world of Red Dead Online will have tons of opportunities coming up to make some extra cash, rake in more XP, pick up weapons, and travel around for free. 

This week’s featured series in Red Dead Online is admittedly not one of its best. It’s a “Hardcore take on Most Wanted,” according to a post on the Rockstar newswire. Players hunt each other down to score points, but the more players one takes out, the higher their value is. All players that participate in this game type through March 8 will earn twice the cash and XP they normally would.

Collectors in Red Dead Online will also be having a great week. Everything they pick up, unearth, or loot from a corpse will nab them twice the usual role XP. That is everything except the Condor Egg for some reason.

Finally, players will be able to arm themselves to the teeth regardless of their level, thanks to one last special offer. Fences across the wild west are doing away with rank requirements, so players can nab as many Throwing Knives, Cleavers, bundles of Dynamite, or Fire Bottles as they want. If you’re far away from a fence, don’t worry, because fast travel is free for the entire week as well.