This week in Red Dead Online: hunters earn their keep

Hunting big game this week in Red Dead Online can get players some sweet rewards and bonuses.

Image via Rockstar

Red Dead Online updates with a new set of benefits, rewards, and deals for players to claim every week. Often, they cater to a specific set of players, folks that focus on one of the game’s specific roles or activities. This week, Red Dead Online’s hunters have some chances to make a bit of extra cash. However, they’ll have to do more than take in some deer pelts to earn this week. To take advantage of this week’s benefits, players will have to hunt down some of Red Dead Online’s legendary animals. 

Anyone that hunts down, kills, and skins a legendary animal in Red Dead Online this week will earn 100 rounds of nitro express ammo for the elephant rifle, a weight gain tonic, and a weight loss tonic. However, if you bring the carcass and skin to Gus, there are even more rewards in store. Just visiting the big game hunter earns players two fast travel rewards and a Snowy Egret plume. If you craft a trinket or coat while you’re there, though, you’ll also receive an offer for 40% off any established or distinguished naturalist item.

If you’re not the hunting and killing type, there’s still a reward for naturalists. This week, simply logging in to Red Dead Online will earn players 1,000 naturalist XP and five animal revivers. If you’re not a naturalist yet and want to see what being a nature-lover is all about, you can start the role for five fewer gold bars this week.

For anyone else looking to make some extra money, free roam missions in Red Dead Online will also be offering a bit more. Completing any free roam mission will get players twice the usual cash this week.