This week in Red Dead Online: moonshiners rule the west

This week is packed with opportunities for Moonshiners to make a heap of cash in Red Dead Online.

Image via Rockstar

Every week, Rockstar provides a sweeping list of benefits, rewards, and discounts to Red Dead Online players. Usually though, a single group of players, or rather a single role, is given a special kind of treatment resulting in higher XP and cash payouts. This week, the moonshiners are the chosen role in Red Dead Online, with players participating in illegal brewing activities receiving bonuses and discounts. Even if you’re not a moonshiner, now is a great time to get started in the profession too, since it’s cheaper than ever.

If you’re an aspiring moonshiner looking to get into the business, now’s the time. From now until May 3, the price of a moonshine shack has been discounted by five gold bars, down to 20 in total. That’s still a sizable amount of gold, but considering how slow it is to earn in game it’s a decent bargain.

Established moonshiners on the other hand should get ready for a busy week full of money-making potential. For the next week, all moonshiner store and bootlegger missions earn players twice as much cash and character XP. Selling your brew on the other hand will earn moonshiners twice the role XP and 50% more cash.

If that wasn’t enough incentive to get brewing, just getting the process started this week won’t cost a penny. All moonshiners across the west will receive 10 free refills of mash just for logging into the game this week.

There are also some rewards available for moonshiners of every rank. Destroying five revenue agent roadblocks will earn players an offer for 40% off any novice or promising moonshiner item in the catalogue. Professional moonshiners that have reached rank 20 will earn an offer for 40% off any established or distinguished moonshiner gear after completing their first sale.