This week in Red Dead Online: Rewards for hardcore players

Gear up, cowpoke.

Red Dead Online

Every week, Rockstar loads up Red Dead Online with a bounty of special offers, rewards, and benefits for the game’s players. This week, instead of picking a favorite role and doubling the XP and cash rewards for its activities, the extra cash and XP will be available to just about anyone logging in to Red Dead Online.

Starting off, this week Rockstar is featuring the hardcore versions of the Gun Rush and Gun Rush Teams Series. These game modes pit players against each other in a constantly shrinking zone akin to what you’d find in so many battle royale titles. Likewise, players start with no gear or ability cards and have to scavenge whatever equipment they can. Winning a match in either of these game modes will earn you an offer for 50% off any Hat up to rank 15. But, win or lose, whenever you leave a game of hardcore Gun Rush or Gun Rush Teams, you’ll earn twice the usual cash and XP.

If you’re one of those recluse cowboys that isn’t much for social interaction there’s still something in Red Dead Online for you this week. The game’s new source of employment, telegrams received from a mysterious “J,” pay out double this week. Additionally, completing any mission of this type will earn you a free treasure map.

Finally, anyone with Outlaw Pass No. 5 will get their own reward. Playing this week earns pass holders a reward for a free role outfit, accessory, or emote this week, along with five free fast travel vouchers and 2,000 XP. Anyone that logs into Red Dead Online will also receive a small reward of 3,000 Club XP and a couple of miracle tonics.