THQ Nordic Buys Koch Media For 121 Million Euros, Now Owns Metro, Saint Rows And Dead Island IP


In the past, THQ was one of the big giants of the gaming industry and it was one of the biggest publishers. The developing/publishing company was founded back in 1989 and since then it was thriving with games like WWE, Darksiders, and Saints Row. However, the company went bankrupt and was finally buried under bankruptcy in 2013. And in 2016 THQ got a successor by the name of THQ Nordic, which had the rights of many games the parent company had. And now THQ Nordic acquired Koch media.

THQ Nordic Acquires Koch Media

Deep silver titles like Saints Row, Dead Island, Metro etc. are now all owned by THQ Nordic. Koch media had a net worth of 91 million and THQ Nordic just bought them at 121 million Euros.

In a recent press release, Lars Wingfors, CEO THQ Nordic said, “Koch Media has a long history of profitability despite losses incurred from some less successful game releases,”. And THQ Nordic is confident that they will be successful in the deployment of at least 4 ongoing AAA games like Metro Exodus.

Saints Row, Dead Island, and Metro are some of the well-known video game franchise and if given proper resources and time to the developer they can continue to leave their mark in the industry and set new benchmarks. It’s good to know that THQ Nordic believes in these three video game series and have decided to take them under their care.

This also means that the first big release coming under THQ Nordic is going to be Metro Exodus. The game is looking absolutely stunning, you guys can check out 14 in-game screenshots that was shared in the latest issue of GameInformer magazine. The game is targeting 4K Resolution on Xbox One X.