Three new Hardcore Telegram Missions are now available in Red Dead Online

There are also several bonuses for Moonshiners and Traders.

Image via Rockstar Games

Rockstar has added three new Hardcore Telegram Missions for players to tackle in Red Dead Online. On top of that, there are additional bonuses, rewards, and double XP for all races to enjoy. The first of these new missions is called Good and Dead and will tasks players with eliminating a target residing in Saint Denis. There isn’t much information on offer, merely a description of their most recently worn get-up. If players manage to take out the target without alerting him, his gang, or the local law, they will earn maximum rewards.

Meanwhile, in Frontier Justice, players will need to rescue hostages the Del Lobos gang captured. It won’t be easy though, since the town is staunchly guarded, meaning players will have to make a quiet entrance. Once rescued, the captors will provide details on how to best meddle with the gang’s activities.

The third and final new Hardcore Telegram Mission is Cold Day in Hell, which arrives as part of A Tough Business. The aim is to steal a local gang’s robbery plans without getting caught since that would be particularly bad news for the player’s employer.

Elsewhere, players can net an extra 50% RDO$ & Role XP from Trader and Moonshine Sales until October 4. Additionally, returning Traders and Moonshiners will receive 25 Trader Goods and a Mash Refill, respectively, whilst members of The Quick Draw Club No. 3 can enjoy a Trader Resupply and 2000 Moonshiner XP. Finally, it’s a good time to dabble in a spot of racing as players will earn twice the experience for competing over the next week.