Hello Neighbor, Clustertruck, and 4 more games from tinyBuild are coming to Nintendo Switch


TinyBuild, an indie studio and the publisher of hit games like No Time to Explain, SpeedRunners, and Yandere Simulator, has revealed that six of its titles are headed to the Nintendo Switch.

These games include The Final Station, Clustertruck, Punch Club, Party Hard, Streets of Rogue, and Hello Neighbor.

The Final Station


Punch Club

Party Hard

Streets of Rogue

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is arguably the biggest tinyBuild title coming to Switch in the future. The stealth horror title will be available at retail and on the eshop in 2018, but tinyBuild hasn’t revealed an official release date yet.

All future content updates and DLC will be included with these titles free of charge, which means Nintendo Switch players will get each game’s full experience at launch.

The Final Station will be released in February alongside a story expansion. Clustertruck comes out in March, while Punch Club will be released in May—the game is also on Wii U and 3DS. Party Hard is due to be launched this summer, and Streets of Rogue is slated for a 2018 release date.