Todd Howard To Receive Legend Award At New York Video Game Awards


Todd Howard, the man behind the two of the most popular video game franchise – Elder Scrolls and Fallout, has been selected to receive “Legend Award” at the New York Video Game Awards. Todd will be awarded the “Andrew Yoon” Legend Award for his achievements as Game Director and Executive Producer on the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.

Todd Howard To Receive Legend Award At New York Game Awards

What this means is that Todd Howard is going to join the ranks of Ultima developer Richard Garriott and the entire team at Rockstar Games – they have won this prestigious Legend Award in the past. Read below what NYVGCC founder Harold Goldberg has to say about selecting Todd Howard for the Andrew Yoon Legend Award:

“Bethesda’s games always try to go the extra mile for critics and fans, and that initiative starts at the top. Todd has shown himself to be someone who’s a terrific leader because he’s a caring, creative thinker who pores over the details.”

Todd Howard is not the only one from Bethesda who will make his appearance at New York VideoGame Awards – two recently released games from the publisher has been nominated for the multiple awards – details provided below:

Wolfenstein II has been nominated for Big Apple Award for Best Game of the Year, the Herman Melville Award for Best Writing, and the Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Music.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch and Skyrim VR has been nominated for the Freedom Tower Award for Best Remake. You guys can check out the full list of the New York Video Game Awards at this link.