Tomb Raider Movie Star Alicia Vikander Used To Play The Original Game At A Friend’s House


During a recent interview during The Graham Norton Show, Alicia Vikander discussed her experience with video games as she approaches for the first time ever a tie-in thanks to the upcoming Tomb Raider movie launching this March.

Tomb Raider Movie Star Alicia Vikander Played Tomb Raider On PS1

As she recalled, back in the days it was quite weird to see girls playing video games – and in some places, it is still considered so, to be honest -, so she didn’t have a chance to do it on her own.

The trick she used was to visit a male friend’s play in order to have the opportunity to play some Tomb Raider, the original PS1 action adventure of course, which she says to have appreciated mainly because of her female protagonist Lara Croft.

“It was a female protagonist in a video game, and I had never seen that,” Vikander, who was awarded an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Danish Girl, said. “I was a bit too scared to play the whole game when I was about 10, so I mostly spent time doing the tricks and learning her moves in that manner.”

She also remembered the graphics to be really outdated at the time, adding the her “[email protected]#$% are not as pointy as the first one’s.” So probably we won’t be lucky enough to see any polygons exposed when Tomb Raider comes to theaters on March 16.