Tomb Raider Trilogy remasters based on mobile versions are coming to Steam


Remastered versions of the Tomb Raider Trilogy are coming to PC, but they may not be exactly the kind you might have been hoping for.

The remasters will be based on the mobile versions of the first three Tomb Raider games, and they’ll be free for anyone who already owns the originals. So while you’re getting an update with visual polish, it’s not exactly a ground-up remake, and will instead be based on the mobile versions already floating around. 

Instead, the remasters will behave, essentially, as mods for the games that already exist on Steam. That means if you’re interested in playing them, you’ll need to purchase the originals on Steam, with the remasters layered on top of them.

Developer Realtech VR is handling the remasters, which will run at 1080p and 60 fps. Most importantly, you can use a regular controller and tweak graphics settings for your souped-up PC to make these Tomb Raider releases look the best they can. 

There’s no release date coming at this time, but the first two games have been completed. At the third’s completion, the trilogy will be released on Steam for your tomb raiding pleasure. Until then, you can still play the originals and dream of how great they could possibly look in the future.