Total War: Warhammer III 1.1.0 update brings back two old maps, overhauls Realm of Chaos, and more

This is a big one.

Image provided by Sega

Creative Assembly has released the first major Total War: Warhammer III patch and it changes, fixes, and improves quite a bit in the strategy game. The Total War: Warhammer III 1.1.0 update not only brings back two maps from Total War: Warhammer II to play in Domination mode, but it provides “a major overhaul of the Realm of Chaos mechanics,” and more.

Thanks to the official Total War website, we know that the Total War: Warhammer III 1.1.0 patch fixes and changes an awful lot. It’s a big update. Not only are Battle For Itza and Arnheim being brought back from Total War: Warhammer II to play in Domination mode, but your main army budget in the multiplayer mode will be increased to help make for bigger battles from the off.

The Realm of Chaos has been altered quite majorly, too. The effect of negative traits when entering the Realms of Chaos has been reduced by around 50% and should be removed entirely “when a Legendary Lord completes the survival battle within that realm.” Creative Assembly has been hard at work with this update, and you can read the full list of Total War: Warhammer III 1.1.0 update patch notes below. Be warned, though, it’s a massive list.

Total War: Warhammer III 1.1.0 update patch notes


  • Fixed a crash when the game window lost focus, such as when ALT+Tabbing to another window. 
  • Fixed a crash triggered after losing a Caravan, saving the next turn, and then re-loading the file.
  • Fixed a crash triggered when selecting a Hero within an Army while moving that Army to merge with another.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when, in a multiplayer campaign set to allow simultaneous turns, a player exited the match during another team’s turn.
  • Fixed a crash triggered when a player-queued movement command initiated a siege battle after ending the turn.
  • Fixed a crash when attacking a sieging army.
  • Fixed a severe performance hit when viewing steam visual effects during a custom battle.
  • Fixed visual stuttering when vassalizing the Legion of Chaos as Slaanesh.
  • Implemented several optimizations to distance and overdraw in the game.


  • Fixed an issue where vegetation would appear dark when adjusting the game’s graphics settings.
  • Fixed an issue that would result in white flickering lines appearing around mountain models on the campaign map.
  • Fixed a visual issue when selecting Kislev War Sleds.
  • Tzeentch Realm: Fixed a stretched texture that appears on the background geometry during the ambush battle.
  • Tzeentch Realm: Added a missing skybox to the pre-battle loading screen.


  • Updated the unit audio of Leadbelchers and Ironblasters for a bigger PUNCH!


  • Fixed an issue that prevented accents from displaying properly in the lobby news feed.
  • Added a missing icon for an effect in the Wood Elf building tree.
  • Added the correct category icon for the Herald of Slaanesh (Shadow)


We’ve changed how “Corrupted” traits are removed in Total War: WARHAMMER III:

  • Corrupted traits are now removed as the corrupted character spends time in a province with lower levels of that particular type of corruption. (This is indifferent to any other types of corruption in that province.)

Other changes to the gameplay mechanics:

  • Fixed an issue where the Everlasting Gift [technology] would remove some of the effects of the Gift of Slaanesh [upgrade] rather than applying the correct bonuses.
  • The Supply Lines values will now update properly when disbanding Lords.
  • Fixed an issue where units docked in dockable areas would not adjust their firing arc so they could continue firing at enemy units.
  • Fixed an issue where handing off control of a second Army joining a battle to the AI would prevent them from joining and prevent the battle from concluding.
  • Fixed an issue where Heroes would no longer gain skill points after progressing past Rank 40.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fire Mouth settlement would provide the option to construct major settlement buildings rather than minor settlement buildings.
  • Fixed a bug where units stationed at an Ogre Camp located in hostile territory could not replenish their Army.
  • Removed several obstructions to the line-of-sight around tower construction points on the Grissenwald Empire
  • Implemented fixes for several deployment and vanguard deployment zones in several maps.
  • Fixed an issue where losing a Caravan would result in an inactive “Recruit Caravan” button for the following turn.
  • Fixed an issue with Auto Resolve where attacking an enemy Army in a settlement resulted in better outcomes than when an enemy Army attacked the player.
  • Fixed issues in which Hero buffs and recruitment rank buildings would fail to properly apply their bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where infinite Winds of Magic could be generated due to a rounding error with reserves and recharge rates.
  • Fixed issues with Be’lakor’s skill tree which resulted in certain skills unlocking the incorrect abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Speed would switch to “Slow Motion” without any input during replays.



We’ve implemented numerous fixes to issues encountered in the game’s Prologue.

  • Fixed an issue where the Prologue could get stuck after the Battle for Fort Devingard.
  • Players should no longer be unable to progress when ending a turn immediately after losing Yuri.
  • Yuri will no longer hop in place following the scream chasm trigger.
  • Players should no longer have their progression blocked by accidentally deselecting the settlement before completing the Lord recruitment guide.
  • Players should no longer have their progression blocked by selecting a settlement during the Daemon Encounter guide.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the player from progressing after capturing the Claw Reach.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the player from progressing upon completing their battle with The Wolf.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to skip the camera flythrough at the start of the campaign.
  • Added a link to the “Shields” tooltip that appears during the first battle with Tzeentch.


Numerous changes have been made to the Realm of Chaos souls race to allow for more flexibility in how you approach the race, counteract enemies as they pursue souls, and the conditions inflicted upon lords who enter the realm.

  • Reduced the effect of negative traits inflicted upon entering the Realms of Chaos by ~50%.
  • Daemon Legendary Lords will no longer be afflicted by the negative traits within the realm of their respective Chaos God.
  • Negative traits inflicted by the Realm of Chaos will now be removed when a Legendary Lord completes the survival battle within that realm.
  • Upon intercepting an AI faction at the Forge of Souls, the Legendary Lord will now lose all of their souls rather than being wounded for 15 turns. This will force them to collect the souls over again.
  • The “Protection” chain of buildings can now be constructed to prevent rifts from spawning in the province in which they’re built.

Completing a survival battle will now also provide the winning faction with the following benefits for 10 turns:

  • (+ or -) 5 of the winning faction’s corruption across all provinces
  • +8 control across all provinces
  • +15 growth across all provinces
  • +10% income across all provinces

Additional adjustments made to the following realms:

  • Tzeentch Realm: Options offered during dilemmas triggered at “points of interest” will now provide replenishment
  • Tzeentch Realm: Boon from Tzeentch: This option offered by the dilemma now properly displays its rewards when it appears.
  • Nurgle Realm: The attrition resistance effects granted by “points of interest” now last 20 turns instead of for the duration spent in the realm. This means that the boon can now also be carried back to the mortal world.
  • Nurgle Realm: Flying units can no longer be deployed atop of the Nurgle island environment prop.
  • Players can no longer replace the Legendary Lord of an army with a regular Lord when at the Forge of Souls.
  • Fixed a rare issue that would result in the Forge of Souls rift being closed despite having access to the final battle.


After completing the campaign, the player will now be given the option to banish Be’lakor. This will provide the following permanent benefits:

  • +3 Hero Capacity for all Heroes
  • +14 Hero and Lord recruit rank
  • +5 Winds of Magic per turn for all armies
  • +7 Control across all provinces
  • +25 Growth across all provinces
  • +15% Income across all provinces

One additional change made to the Lord:

  • Be’lakor now has a starting trait that grants access to his unique battle ability, Shadow Shroud, rather than it being granted by default.

And an additional fix for the campaign:

  • Fixed an issue where completing a campaign and clicking “continue to the records” would re-play Be’lakor’s first voiceover line rather than the proper line.


We felt that The Daemon Prince (aka “Daniel”) was underperforming in battles against enemy lords, so we’ve adjusted his base stats and moved some other values around to bolster his terrifying presence on the battlefield.

  • Melee Attack increased from 25 to 50
  • Melee Defence increased from 20 to 45
  • Base damage increased from 200 to 225
  • Armour Piercing Damage increased from 200 to 225
  • Armour increased from 10 to 20
  • Charge Bonus increased from 30 to 40

To accommodate for his higher base stats, we’ve reduced the effect values of the starting gifts available to The Daemon Prince when starting a new campaign:

  • Mark of Chaos (Torso): Reduced Melee Defence from +10 to +5
  • Muscular Arms (Left Arm): Removed Melee Attack +15
  • Muscular Arms (Right Arm): Removed Base Weapon Damage +10%
  • Daemon Legs (Legs): Removed Charge Bonus +15%
  • Daemon Tail (Tail): Removed Melee Defence +5
  • Deathbringer Blade (Hand Weapon): Increased base damage from +15% to +20%
  • Deathbringer Blade (Hand Weapon): Increased Armour Piercing Damage from +10% to +15%


We’ve increased the values of the pre-dedication Daemonic Progression Offering bundles to keep them all balanced. The post-dedication Offerings have also been buffed with some extra power as you dedicate yourself to your chosen Chaos God: including buffs to the God-specific recruitment ranks of units, agents, and Lords. This should shorten the time it takes for your Lords to reach their exalted forms.

  • Offering VIII (All Gods): Increased the dedicated God-specific Lord recruitment rank from +3 to +10
  • Offering VIII (All Gods): Increased the dedicated God-specific agent recruitment rank from +3 to +10
  • Offering VIII (All Gods): Reduced the dedicated God-specific unit recruitment time by 2 turns
  • Khorne Offering VIII: Removed the +10% casualty replenishment bonus
  • Khorne Offering VIII: Added a +25% buff to campaign movement range after winning a battle
  • Nurgle Offering VIII: Removed the building cost reduction bonus
  • Nurgle Offering VIII: Added a +20% global replenishment bonus to Nurgle units
  • Slaanesh Offering VIII: Increased the diplomatic relations with all factions from +10 to +25
  • Tzeentch Offering VIII: Removed the chance to increase the strength of the Winds of Magic when changing
  • Tzeentch Offering VIII: Increased the chance to strengthen the Winds of Magic skill from +10% to +25%
  • Offering IX (All Gods): Increased the dedicated God-specific unit recruitment rank for all armies from +3 to +6


We’ve not only added a missing upgrades ability to the Undivided sets, but made some additional adjustments to balance these sets alongside the other balance changes to the Daemons of Chaos.

  • The Armoured Prince of Chaos: Equipping the set now grants an upgraded version of the Mortal Blow ability
  • The Armoured Prince of Chaos: Removed the +10% glory gain bonus
  • The Armoured Prince of Chaos: Increased the Leadership Aura Size from +25% to +50%
  • The Scorched Prince of Chaos: Equipping the set now grants an upgraded version of the Mortal Blow ability
  • The Scorched Prince of Chaos: Removed the +10% glory gain bonus
  • The Adorned Prince of Slaanesh: Reduced the recruitment rank for Slaanesh units from +4 to +3


  • Fixed a bug where the Tzeentch Head items had Transmutation of Lead instead of Final Transmutation, which resulted in certain Arm and Head upgrades offering the same spell.

As The Daemon Prince only had access to minor spell variants, we’ve added the overcast variants to gifts that already provided the base spell. Numerous balance tweaks have also been made to the gifts offered upon dedicating to one of the Chaos Gods:


  • Adorned Scythes: Increased base damage from +30% to +45%
  • Avian Arms: Replaced Blue Fire with Infernal Gateway
  • Avian Arms: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Bejewelled Arms: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Blazing Gauntlets: Increased Melee Defence from +7 to +10
  • Corpulent Arms: Increased Melee Defence from +7 to +10
  • Daemonic Arms: Increased Melee Attack from +3 to +8
  • Daemonic Arms: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Daemonic Scythes: Increased base damage from +30% to +45%
  • Decorated Arms: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Decorative Bracers: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Heavy Gauntlets: Increased Melee Defence increased from +5 to +8
  • Scorched Arms: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +10
  • Scorched Arms: Increased base damage from +5% to +8%
  • Serrated Scythes: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +45% to +60%
  • Shattered Gauntlets: Increased Melee Attack from +15 to +18
  • Shattered Gauntlets: Increased Melee Defence increased from +15 to +18
  • Shattered Oversized Gauntlet: Increased Melee Defence from +15 to +18
  • Spiked Corpulent Arms: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Spiked Corpulent Arms: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +5% to +8%
  • Spiked Scythes: Increased Piercing damage from +30% to +45%


  • Adorned Scythes: Increased base damage from +60% to +75%
  • Corpulent Arms: Increased Melee Attack from +7 to +10
  • Daemonic Arms: Increased Melee Attack from +7 to +10
  • Daemonic Scythes: Increased base damage from +60% to +75%
  • Decorated Arms: Replaced Infernal Gateway with Gate of Chaos
  • Scorched Arms: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8
  • Serrated Scythes: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +75% to +90%
  • Shattered Gauntlets: Increased Melee Attack increased from +10 to +12
  • Shattered Gauntlets: Increased base damage from +10% to +15%
  • Shattered Oversized Gauntlet: Increased Melee Attack from +15 to +18
  • Spiked Corpulent Arms: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8
  • Spiked Corpulent Arms: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +5% to +8%
  • Spiked Scythes: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +60% to +75%


  • Branching Horns: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Feathered Helm: Increased Melee Defence from +7 to +10
  • Infernal Horns: Replaced Melee Defence with Melee Attack +8
  • Infernal Khornate Horns: Increased Melee Attack from +10 to +12
  • Plumed Helm: Increased Melee Attack from +7 to +10
  • Sharp Beak: Increased Armor Piercing damage from +7% to +10%
  • Shattered Beak: Increased base damage from +7% to +10%
  • Trophied Horns: Increased Melee Attack from +15 to +18


  • Avian Legs: Increased Speed from +7% to +10%
  • Bestial Legs: Increased Speed from +10% to +12%
  • Bubonic Legs: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Chained Legs: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Daemonette Leg Straps: Increased base damage from +7% to +10%
  • Daemonette Legs: Increased Speed from +10% to +12%
  • Decorated Legs: Increased Speed from +10% to +12%
  • Diseased Leg Spikes: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +5% to +8%
  • Heavy Leg Armour: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Medium Leg Armour: Increased Melee Defence from +10 to +12
  • Spiked Avian Legs: Increased Speed from +7% to +10%
  • Spiked Avian Legs: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +7% to +10%
  • Spiked Daemonette Legs: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +7% to +10%
  • Trophied Daemonette Legs: Increased Melee Attack from 7 to 10


  • Armoured Fiendish Tail: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8
  • Armoured Fiendish Tail: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Armoured Tail: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8
  • Armoured Tail: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Bladed Tail: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8
  • Bladed Tail: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Bloodthirsty Tail: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8
  • Chained Fiendish Tail: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8
  • Chained Fiendish Tail: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Chained Fiendish Tail: Increased base damage from +10% to +15%
  • Diseased Tail Spurs: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +5% to +8%
  • Ornate Tail: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8
  • Ornate Tail: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Scorched Tail: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Scorched Tail: Increased base damage from +7% to +10%
  • Sentient Tail: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8


  • Adorned Body: Increased Melee Defence from +15 to +18
  • Adorned Body: Increased Speed from +10% to +12%
  • Bestial Light Armour: Increased Melee Defence from +15 to +18
  • Carved Body: Increased Melee Defence from +15 to +18
  • Collar & Straps: Increased Melee Defence from +10 to +12
  • Flexible Body: Increased Melee Defence from +15 to +18
  • Horned Corpulent Body: Increased Melee Defence from +7 to +10
  • Mark of Khorne: Increased Melee Attack from +10 to +12
  • Mark of Khorne: Increased Melee Defence from +10 to +12
  • Mark of Khorne: Increased base damage from +20% to +25%
  • Mark of Nurgle: Increased Melee Defence from +10 to +12
  • Mark of Slaanesh: Increased Melee Defence from +10 to +12
  • Mark of Slaanesh: Increased Speed from +7% to +10%
  • Mark of Tzeentch: Increased Melee Defence from +10 to +12
  • Moulded Armour: Increased Melee Defence from +10 to +12
  • Plate Armour: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Revealing Armour: Increased Melee Defence from +10 to +12
  • Spiked Corpulent Body: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +5% to +8%
  • Trophied Corpulent Body: Increased Melee Attack from +7 to +10


  • Arcane Dagger: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +15% to +25%
  • Arcane Dagger: Increased base damage from +10% to +20%
  • Axe of Fury: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +25% to +35%
  • Axe of Fury: Increased base damage from +40% to +50%
  • Axe of Rage: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +35% to +45%
  • Axe of Rage: Increased base damage from +30% to +40%
  • Axe of Wrath: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +45% to +55%
  • Axe of Wrath: Increased base damage from +20% to +30%
  • Bilesword: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +15% to +25%
  • Bilesword: Increased base damage from +10% to +20%
  • Blighted Bell: Increased base damage from +35% to +55%
  • Blood-Halberd: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +65% to +75%
  • Blood-Halberd: Increased base damage from +15% to +25%
  • Blood-Shield: Increased Melee Defence from +3 to +5
  • Daemonhide Shield: Increased Melee Defence from +3 to +5
  • Decadent Shield: Increased Melee Attack from +3 to +5
  • Decadent Shield: Increased Melee Defence from +3 to +5
  • Eldritch Dagger: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +15% to +25%
  • Eldritch Dagger: Increased base damage from +10% to +20%
  • Ensorcelled Great Lance: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +10% to +20%
  • Ensorcelled Great Lance: Increased base damage from +20% to +30%
  • Ensorcelled Jagged Lance: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +30% to +40%
  • Ensorcelled Jagged Lance: Increased base damage from +5% to +15%
  • Ensorcelled Skull Lance: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +20% to +30%
  • Ensorcelled Skull Lance: Increased base damage from +15% to +25%
  • Feasting Spear: Added the Charmed weapon contact effect
  • Feasting Spear: Increased Bonus vs Large damage from +20 to +40
  • Feasting Spear: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +30% to +40%
  • Feasting Spear: Increased base damage from +15% to +20%
  • Gilded Shield: Increased Melee Defence from +3 to +5
  • Gore-Halberd: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +55% to +65%
  • Gore-Halberd: Increased base damage from +25% to +35%
  • Gore-Shield: Increased Melee Defence from +3 to +5
  • Great Axe of Fury: Increased Bonus vs Large damage from +10 to +40
  • Great Axe of Fury: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +60% to +70%
  • Great Axe of Fury: Increased base damage from +40% to +50%
  • Great Axe of Rage: Increased Bonus vs Large damage from +10 to +40
  • Great Axe of Rage: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +50% to +60%
  • Great Axe of Rage: Increased base damage from +50% to +60%
  • Great Axe of Wrath: Increased Bonus vs Large damage from +10 to +40
  • Great Axe of Wrath: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +70% to +80%
  • Great Axe of Wrath: Increased base damage from +30% to +40%
  • Hellforged Blade: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +25% to +35%
  • Hellforged Blade: Increased base damage from +25% to +35%
  • Hungering Daemonblade: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +15% to +25%
  • Hungering Daemonblade: Increased base damage from +30% to +40%
  • Jagged Daemonblade: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +35% to +45%
  • Jagged Daemonblade: Increased base damage from +10% to +20%
  • Marked Shield: Increased Melee Defence from +3 to +5
  • Mystical Dagger: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +15% to +25%
  • Mystical Dagger: Increased base damage from +10% to +20%
  • Ornate Shield: Increased Melee Defence from +3 to +5
  • Plague Club: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +10% to +20%
  • Plague Club: Increased base damage from +20% to +30%
  • Plagueblade: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +5% to +15%
  • Plagueblade: Increased base damage from +20% to +30%
  • Reaper’s Hellblade: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +45% to +55%
  • Reaper’s Hellblade: Increased base damage from +55% to +65%
  • Reinforced Shield: Increased Melee Attack from +3 to +5
  • Reinforced Shield: Increased Melee Defence from +3 to +5
  • Rot Club: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +5% to +15%
  • Rot Club: Increased base damage from +25% to +35%
  • Rotcleaver: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +10% to +20%
  • Rotcleaver: Increased base damage from +15% to +25%
  • Slaughter-Halberd: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +45% to +55%
  • Slaughter-Halberd: Increased base damage from +35% to +45%
  • Slaughter-Shield: Increased Melee Attack from +3 to +5
  • Slaughter-Shield: Increased Melee Defence from +3 to +5
  • Slaughterer’s Hellblade: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +25% to +35%
  • Slaughterer’s Hellblade: Increased base damage from +75% to +85%
  • Slayer’s Hellblade: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +35% to +45%
  • Slayer’s Hellblade: Increased base damage from +65% to 75%
  • Staff of Riddles: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +5% to +15%
  • Staff of Riddles: Increased base damage from +25% to +35%
  • Staff of the Watcher: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +5% to +15%
  • Staff of the Watcher: Increased base damage from +25% to +35%
  • Sword of Allure: Added the Charmed weapon contact effect
  • Sword of Allure: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +20% to +30%
  • Sword of Allure: Increased base damage from +25% to +35%
  • Sword of Excess: Added the Charmed weapon contact effect
  • Sword of Excess: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +10% to +20%
  • Sword of Excess: Increased base damage from +35% to +45%
  • Sword of Sin: Added the Charmed weapon contact effect
  • Sword of Sin: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +30% to +40%
  • Sword of Sin: Increased base damage from +15% to +25%
  • Unholy Daemonblade: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +25% to +35%
  • Unholy Daemonblade: Increased base damage from +20% to +30%


  • Chained Bestial Wings: Increased Melee Defence from +5 to +8
  • Chained Pestilent Wings: Increased base damage from +5% to +8%
  • Scorched Wings: Increased Melee Attack from +5 to +8
  • Spiked Avian Wings: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +7% to +10%
  • Spiked Aged Wings: Increased Armour Piercing damage from +7% to +10%
  • Wingless: Increased Speed from +10% to +12%
  • Wingless: Increased Weapon Strength from +10% to +15%


  • Fixed an issue where narrative events would continue to trigger after completing a campaign—including rifts re-opening in the world.
  • Fixed an issue where Boris would not be created as a new faction and does not appear in the lords recruitment pool after completing the Frozen Falls.



In Total War: WARHAMMER III, we’ve heavily reworked how vortex, wind, breath, and similar spells work from earlier games in the series. One of the biggest changes relates to the damage reduction applied over distance, which has been removed entirely in WARHAMMER III. This results in *drastically* increased damage potency across the board, which (naturally) required a rebalance of every spell in the game.

Unfortunately, there was one spell that was missed when implementing the new system—the effects of which have now been reduced to bring it into line with the rest of the spells:

  • Penumbral Pendulum (Base): Reduced damage dealt from 72 to 36. AP percentage remains at 50%.
  • Penumbral Pendulum (Overcast): Reduced damage from 108 (66% AP) to 45 (60% AP).


The responsiveness of units as they join and engage with enemies on the battlefield is a notable pain point for players. As a starting point, we’ve included several bug fixes with today’s build which should begin to improve the responsiveness of melee and ranged units:

  • Improved how infantry units react to orders and turn to face enemies. Their behavior should now match the responsiveness of infantry units in Total War: WARHAMMER II.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ranged units to fire slower when docked on a siege wall or similar structure.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause ranged units to reset their animations without having fired.
  • Locked control groups will no longer enter guard mode when receiving an attack order.

There are still a handful of issues we’ll be looking to solve in future updates, including the responsiveness of airborne units transitioning to the ground, how units disengage from combat, and knockdown behavior. For now, let us know what you think about the above fixes and if anything else appears off.


  • The Charge Reflection [attribute] will now require units to be braced against the charging attacker in order to take effect.
  • Fixed an issue where defending units would use the attacker’s mass rather than their own mass for impact damage calculations.
  • Fixed an issue where attacker reinforcements would enter from within the defenders’ city.
  • Army reinforcements should now correctly enter a battle according to their position on the campaign map relative to the battle.
  • In Domination and Survival battles, summoned units will no longer offer a refund after being teleported away from the battlefield.



  • Exalted Lord of Change lords now have access to the Greater Arcane Conduit [ability] in their skill tree, as intended.



We envisioned this unit to be a bit more of a mobile shotgun platform rather than a sniper artillery piece. For example: flanking followed by shooting down the length of infantry units. The below changes aim to push it more in this direction.

  • Increased projectile spread from 7 to 3
  • Reduced the damage dealt by each projectile from 84 to 75
  • Reduced the AP damage dealt by each projectile from 336 to 300


Gorgers are expected to quickly smash through light and medium infantry, though we expect them to be vulnerable to ranged file, beaten handily by anti-large large units, and trade moderately with anti-large heavy infantry. Reducing the AP damage and entity count should help them reach this balance.

  • Reduced the AP damage dealt from 70 to 50
  • Reduced the total entity count per Gorger unit from 16 to 12


  • Fixed an issue where garrisoned Firebelly Heroes would not receive their spells in battle.


On the multiplayer front, the Ogre Kingdoms have been overperforming in both the matchmaking and tournament settings. We’re having a tough time gauging the power level of other units while Gorgers and Ironblasters control the meta—even forcing the creation of tournament rules to account for their power.

  • Ironblasters: Multiplayer cost increased from 1400 to 1750 gold
  • Ogre Giants: Now count as a rare single entity for the sake of unit caps

We’ll be continuing to monitor the power of the Ogre Kingdoms following these changes and will adjust accordingly.


We found that Grand Cathay has several underperforming units that seem to struggle in most situations: Sky JunksSky Lanterns, and Wu Xing War Compasses. We’ve made some adjustments to the first two units across the board, and have reduced the multiplayer cost of Wu Xing War Compasses (see further down the notes) so they can be deployed more effectively.

We’ve also increased the range within which Harmony activates to provide players with more flexibility when deploying their army.


  • Increased effect radius from 45 to 60


  • Increased ammunition from 15 to 20
  • Sky-Junk Bomb [ability]: Cooldown reduced from 60 to 30 seconds


  • Shots now apply the Shieldbreaker effect
  • Speed increased from 30 to 35


  • Stone Gaze [skill]: Now increases armor instead of leadership for Terracotta Sentinels and Wu Xing War Compass units.


Grand Cathay is currently (and by far) the biggest underperformer in both ranked matchmaking and in Domination tournaments. We think that Cathay is best when their army is large—such as in land battles—and the small starting armies in Domination seem to be a key to the struggles of the faction. With the changes to Domination mode (below) increasing the size of starting armies, we’ll be monitoring how the meta progresses as they are able to create more solid, harmonious battle lines and/or artillery boxes.

We’ve also targeted the most underperforming units with fixes for their cost efficiency—the first of many changes we’re considering for the future:

  • Wu Xing War Compass: Multiplayer cost reduced from 1100 to 800 gold
  • Astromancer: Multiplayer cost of adding a Wu Xing War Compass mount reduced from 950 to 400 gold

Lastly, to further boost the benefits of Harmony—and the faction’s overall performance—we are slightly reducing the cost of Peasant Archers, who are slightly too expensive in relation to how they’re performing:

  • Peasant Archers: Multiplayer cost reduced from 450 to 400 gold



When it comes to barriers, we know the community is concerned that heavy changes could have drastic consequences on Tzeentch’s viability on the battlefield. So, for now, we’re only adjusting the recharge delay. When cycling units to restore their barriers, Tzeentch players will now have to spend significantly more time doing so.

  • Increased the recharge delay of restoring barriers from 15 to 30 seconds


With fixes to the Winds of Magic reserves, the ability to endlessly cast cheap spells such as Blue Fire of Tzeentch was drastically reduced—but not completely fixed. To correct this, we’re reducing the values of the Arcane Surge army ability.

  • Reduced the Winds of Magic reserves generated per second from +0.3 to +0.15


  • Lowered the Armor Reduction debuff from -15 to -10
  • Reduced the Weakness to Fire debuff from -11% to -10%


As the unit has a significant barrier already, we’ve decided to remove the Spell Resistance enjoyed by the Forsaken of Tzeentch. This should bring them more in-line with their counterparts from other Chaos factions.

  • Removed the inherent Magic Resistance from the unit (from 40% to 0%)


Finally, we are looking to differentiate the Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch from the non-exalted version by making the unit more capable in ranged combat. To do this, we’ve increased both their ammo and attack range.

  • Increased the base ammunition count from 10 to 15
  • Increased the range of the unit from 90 to 150


Along with the Ogre Kingdoms, Tzeentch has been dominating both in ranked matchmaking and Domination tournaments. We expect the above changes paired with an increased in the cost to recruit the Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch (to prevent it from becoming too cost-effective) will help bring the faction in line with the rest.

  • Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch: Multiplayer cost increased from 1100 to 1300 gold


In addition to the global responsiveness improvements we’ve made to infantry units, we’re also increasing the acceleration of the heavier Kislev infantry units, specifically, which were an outlier in this area compared to other units. Today, we’re adjusting the following three units:


  • Unit acceleration increased from 20 to 30


  • Unit acceleration increased from 20 to 30


  • Unit acceleration increased from 20 to 30


In their current state, Light War Sleds are nearly matching the performance of their heavy counterparts at a significantly lower cost. As such, we are making tweaks to their armor across the board and their cost in the multiplayer setting (see below).

  • Reduced the unit’s Armor from 70 to 50


We’d like to boost the pick and success rate of the Elemental Bear, so we’re giving it slightly more melee defence to guard against its main weakness.

  • Increased Melee Defence from 20 to 30


Little Grom units have a comparatively low play rate to others, so we’ve adjusted a few numbers to make them more viable on the battlefield.

  • Increased Ranged Damage from 145 to 160
  • Increased AP Damage from 580 to 600


While Kislev is slightly underperforming in ranked matchmaking (according to our metrics), they seem respectably balanced in the tournament environment. There are a few units that do stand out, so we are looking to make smaller tweaks while observing the effects of the Domination mode economy changes (see below).

  • Light War Sleds: Multiplayer cost increased from 950 to 1100 gold
  • Elemental Bear: Multiplayer cost reduced from 2200 to 2000 gold


Feedback from the community highlighted that Nurgle units are too slow, making them vulnerable to larger armies with ranged firepower. To account for this, we’ve improved the mobility options of several units alongside some additional tweaks.


  • Increased ammunition count from 2 to 3
  • Increased Speed from 23 to 27


  • Increased Speed from 23 to 27


  • Increased ammunition count from 7 to 10


Kugath has also seen relatively little use, so we’re boosting a few stats to help him live up to his legendary status.

  • Increased ammunition count from 22 to 35
  • Increased the healing rate provided by the Nurgling Infestation ability from 0.1% to 0.2% health per second


Nurgle has been doing well in ranked matchmaking, however they’ve struggled in the Domination tournament environment. We are looking to increase the size of Nurgle’s armies in two ways:

  • Through the changes to Domination mode (listed below)
  • By reducing unit costs

We believe this will improve their efficacy versus heavily ranged armies.

  • Plague Drones of Nurgle: Multiplayer cost reduced from 1300 to 1200 gold
  • Plague Drones of Nurgle (Death’s Heads): Multiplayer cost reduced from 1600 to 1500 gold
  • Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Multiplayer cost reduced from 750 to 700 gold
  • Exalted Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Multiplayer cost reduced from 1250 to 1100 gold
  • Great Unclean Ones: Now count as a rare single entity for the sake of unit caps


In Update 1.1, we are fixing several issues with charges, bracing, and impact damage. We feel it’s too risky to touch the Slaanesh units without having a good understanding of what effect these will have, so we’ll be revisiting this faction after we’ve reviewed the live impact and player feedback based on those other changes.


As with above, we will continue observing Slaanesh to see how the faction performs moving forward. We expect that various bug fixes will increase overall Slaanesh performance, however the larger starting armies in Domination will help opposing armies cover their flanks more effectively.


We are currently happy with the state of Khorne (outside of the changes made to The Daemon Prince) and will continue monitoring how the faction performs after the other balance changes made this month.

One small change added with this update:

  • Dog Fighting [technology]: Now provides the Strider attribute to Flesh Hounds while increasing their charge bonus.



As the Domination mode is new to Total War: WARHAMMER III, we’ve been eagerly waiting to see how it’s received and how it can continue to evolve from where it is now. We’re already working from the notion that the Domination mode available now will be drastically different from the Domination mode that exists years from now, and have included several changes in 1.1 to start the journey down that path.

There are a few areas of feedback where we’re beginning:

  • Low Map Count: we’ve added two new maps and will continue working to include other existing maps in the very near future.
  • Comeback Mechanic: We want there to be opportunities to come back after the first engagements, so we’re removing the damage-based income mechanic to support that goal.
  • The Supply Resource: We want to reduce the “farming” of enemies in lieu of seizing and holding the capture points in the early game, so we’re increasing the supply trickle and adjusting how supplies are obtained in the game mode.

Another large-scale change we’re looking to make (based on feedback) is to speed up the game mode as a whole. To do this, we’re focusing on a few changes to the number of starting units initially available:

  • We can see how having so few units to start doesn’t feel as epic as Land Battles.
  • Factions which rely on larger formations or static styles of play end up being hurt by low starting numbers—particularly against highly-mobile forces.
  • We are increasing the main army budget, starting supplies, and base income to help address the above problems.

Finally We also introduced a bug fix to take away refunds from withdrawn summoned units. This will allow us to more accurately monitor the balance of summoner units, such as Cultists, seeing as the income exploit will be gone.


Two land battle maps are returning from Total War: WARHAMMER II to be used in Domination:




  • The army fund distribution between the main army and reinforcements has been rebalanced from 40% (main army)/60% (reinforcements) to 50%/50%.

We’ve adjusted the additional supplies a player gains when they are trailing in a Domination match:

  • +5 supplies per second when trailing by 1000+ tickets
  • +10 supplies per second when training by 2000+ tickets

Other changes to how supplies are gained:

  • Added 500 initial supplies to the default stockpile
  • Increased the base supply income from 16 to 20 per second
  • Removed the supply income provided via damage to enemy units


  • We’ve temporarily disabled the ability to use the manual targeting system in multiplayer battles, seeing that it can be exploited to ignore the reload times of certain units. We are reviewing this system in greater depth and will look to restore it later on.
  • Players in ranked battles will no longer be able to load an army from the Daemons of Chaos
  • Fixed an issue where Be’lakor’s Blade of Shadow [ability] did not have an associated cost in custom/multiplayer battles.
  • The Palace of Slaanesh [Survival Battle]: Fixed an issue where all players would lose connection following the Courtesan cutscene.
  • The Palace of Slaanesh [Survival Battle]: Fixed an issue where players would lose connection after completing the battle.


  • Brazilian-Portuguese: Fixed a line during the first mission of the Something Rotten in Kislev multiplayer campaign that displayed in Spanish.


Below are issues which have been identified that are either new with the update or relevant to the changes above. This is by no means a comprehensive list of issues being worked on, but are important notes to keep in mind as you re-join the battlefield.

  • Soft lock if your army is placed on top of (or behind) the Final Battle quest marker. Following the change to the Forge of Souls mechanics, there are two issues we’ll be working to solve in a future update—both of which involve the Final Battle quest marker on the Forge of Souls island.
  • First, by placing an army adjacent to the marker, the AI will enter both the player’s zone of control and the zone of the quest marker, meaning that the game will end in an AI victory if the player is unable to stop the army. Likewise, if you win the battle within the radius of the quest marker, the game will hang indefinitely as the AI has both won and is no longer present to conclude the game.
  • To circumvent these issues until we can implement a fix, you should avoid placing your Lord and army in the same space as the Final Battle quest marker.