Total War: Warhammer III’s latest video showcases new battle features, including Bracing, a Flying Toggle, and more

Players can now cast their spells in slow motion.

Image via Creative Assembly

Developer Creative Assembly has released a new video for their upcoming strategy game Total War: Warhammer III that showcases a host of battle features and improvements. They range from new tactical options on the battlefield to simple quality of life changes that should make for a more pleasant experience.

Players can use the new Flying Toggle to instruct units capable of flight to either take to the skies or land on the ground. It will allow them to reposition their flying troops to a more advantageous position before commanding them to land and flank the enemy. However, some units, such as the Sky Lantern, remain limited to the skies.

Braced troops now sport a shield icon above the unit image, allowing players to tell at a glance if they are ready to handle an enemy charge. Additionally, a new charge reflection for halberds and spearmen means they will inflict additional damage to charging units.

Hotkeys have also received a few adjustments to make everything a bit easier. The new idle hotkeys will indicate when units are out of combat, allowing players to quickly select and send them back into battle. Likewise, Guard mode, Skirmish mode, and Fire-at-will now have hotkeys to make accessing them a simpler task, while a new option to cast abilities or spells in slow motion has been added.

Creative Assembly has also made some quality of life improvements to on-screen visibility that make the action easier to digest. Improved foliage culling distance will grant players improved visibility in forests, while occlusion outlines will show units blocked by various objects.