Trade Tokens are coming to Clash Royale in the September update


Several new features are set to be introduced to Clash Royale this month—and Supercell provided all of the details in the latest episode of TV Royale.

Most notably, the developers talked about the newest card coming to Clash Royale in the September update: Goblin Giant. This six-elixir Epic card will spawn one jolly-green giant with two Spear Goblins on its back. And the developers said that because this card is a Goblin, it’ll move slightly faster than other giants in Clash Royale

Additionally, a new feature called Trade Tokens will be introduced to the game in the September update. Essentially, these tokens will allow players to trade cards for another card that they want or need.

The developers said that you’ll be able to get Trade Tokens from challenges and Clan Wars, or find them in the shop. When you go to use one, you’ll supposedly send something similar to a trade request in your clan chat where you’ll ask for a certain card and say what you’re willing to offer.

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If you get a Legendary Trade Token, for example, you can go into the trade tab after hitting the card request button and say “I want a Magic Archer and I’m willing to give up another Legendary card for it.” This offer will then go into the chat as a trade request, and if someone accepts it, you and the other player will swap cards. On the surface, this seems like a great new feature that will allow clan players to help each other out and strengthen their decks for battle.

Supercell also plans to simplify card levels in the September update. Level nine will be the new tournament standard for every rarity, and all cards will be able to be upgraded to level 13. 

The starting level for cards of different rarities, however, will vary. Common cards will start at level one, Rares begin at level three, Epics start at level six, and Legendary cards begin at level nine. And the amount of cards needed to increase levels will remain the same.

While other improvements are set to be released in this month’s update, most Clash Royale players are looking forward to the new Goblin Giant and the introduction of Trade Tokens. No release date for the September update has been revealed yet.