Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam

Earlier this year, the No More Heroes spin-off Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Now, similar to No More Heroes’ initial release on the Wii before later getting ported to other consoles, Travis Strikes Again is coming to non-Nintendo platforms.

Publisher Marvelous Entertainment announced that Travis Strikes Again is getting ported to PlayStation 4 and PC through Steam as Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition. The complete edition comes with improved visuals that run up to 120 fps. The game is releasing on both platforms on Oct. 17 and for $39.99.

This Complete Edition of Travis Strikes Again includes the base game, along with the “Black Dandelion” and “Bubblegum Fatale” DLC packs. These packs give players access to play as the characters Shinobu Jacobs and Badgirl, respectively. The DLC packs unlock after players complete the game’s main campaign. Additionally, the Complete Edition includes new in-game t-shirts.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition is available for pre-order from the PlayStation Store and on Steam. Those who pre-order from the PlayStation Store will receive access to an exclusive Travis Strikes Again PlayStation Theme. Meanwhile, those who pre-order on Steam receive a ten percent discount, lowering the price to $35.99.

Fans of the No More Heroes franchise still have more to look forward to beyond these ports of Travis Strikes Again. Nintendo revealed earlier this year during E3 that No More Heroes III is currently in development and will release for the Switch sometime in 2020.