Tribes of Midgard Announces New Valhalla Saga & Spring Event

Another saga begins in Tribes of Midgard, with exciting quality of life improvements and new content on the way.

Image via the Norsfell YouTube

The seasons are changing, and a host of new adventures await players in Tribes of Midgard with the arrival of the next saga, Vahalla, and the next spring event, Byefrost. These two events will be kicking off at the same time on April 11.

Similar to the previous sagas, Valhalla will be available to all players for free when it arrives. The update will likely have a brand new biome to explore, with a fresh host of enemies and a new saga boss to take on with your Viking adventurers.

Tribes of Midgard embarks on a new journey to Valhalla

The announcement arrived on the Tribes of Midgard Twitter page, where the development team showed off a brief teaser video of the upcoming region. The location looks eerily similar to the main menu page, with the Valkyrie statue and Odin’s Great Lodge in the background.

Currently, we have no concrete details of what to expect for the upcoming saga. From previous free updates, we can expect a handful of updated gameplay mechanics, a new biome to explore, additional enemies, and a saga boss that players must pit themselves against to return to the Bifröst.

The development team at Norsfell has shared that they will reveal additional information closer to the end of the week. We’ll have a more thorough breakdown of what to expect for the next saga, but the saga boss will likely remain a mystery until launch day, and players will unearth the mystery alongside their friends.

The Valhalla Saga officially begins on April 11, as will the Byefrost event, which ends on May 1. The Norsfell team will provide more details before the end of this week, where they’ll show off some of the upcoming changes without spoiling too much from the Valhalla Saga.