Tribes of Midgard Serpent Saga brings boats and swimming

The ground begins to shake.

Image via Norsfell

The second season of Tribes of Midgard is on the way, releasing the Serpent Saga. In it, players will craft a magnificent boat and swim into the water to face another massive boss we see in the distance. Alongside the release of Serpent Saga, Tribes of Midgard will be celebrating its Yulidays holiday event, a three-week event similar to Valhalloween.

There will be three types of boats that players can choose to craft, the Faering, the Karve, and the Drakkar, and each of them is larger than the other respectively. However, before you get to this point, you’ll need to craft a shipyard. You’ll only be able to build ships in oceans, not rivers or ponds.

The swimming ability for all Vikings is limited. All players will have a stamina bar that shows how long they can swim, and if you lose the entire stamina bar, you’ll drown, so you need to be careful while exploring the ocean biome.

The Yulidays holiday event will start when the Serpent Saga begins. It will be a three-week event that you can partake in, and each week features a new challenge you’ll have to complete to earn a cosmetic item.

On the horizon, we’ll see additional features added, such as fishing and shovels, farming and mounts, more additions to construction, housing, additional biomes, more blessings, weapons, and a new game mode. We can expect this to arrive in 2022.

The Serpent Saga for Tribes of Midgard begins on December 14.