Trion Worlds Announces Defiance 2050 Launching in Summer 2018


It looks like the genre of loot-shooters may get some competition later this summer when Trion Worlds releases Defiance 2050 to compete with the likes of Warframe and Destiny 2. Those of us with memories that last longer than a few months, the original Defiance game was a unique title back in 2013. It launched alongside a TV series and had character and story tie-ins. Defiance 2050 will be a free-to-play offering and follow a similar model to Trion Worlds’ other games, such as Rift and ArcheAge.

‘A reimagined sci-fi shooter experience’

While the overall universe hasn’t changed much, the Defiance 2050 is more than just a remake of the original game. It will offer improved graphics and textures, but also take advantage of other technological advancements, especially in the console arena.

Twenty years have passed since the catastrophic Arkfall event left millions of Votans dead and Earth terraformed into a nearly unrecognizable post-apocalyptic landscape. In Defiance 2050’s version of San Francisco, players are transported to a dynamic open world where they can explore and fight in skirmishes and story-driven missions on an epic scale. Players will engage in massive cooperative battles with their friends, utilize hundreds of distinct weapons and skills, and take on huge alien threats as they explore transformed futuristic environments.

“Defiance 2050 has been created with the original game’s community in mind,” said Matt Pettit, the Producer of Defiance 2050. “The team has been listening to feedback and taking some helpful cues from fans to really create the Defiance experience that people have wanted for a long time. Defiance 2050 marks a shift for the game that goes beyond the change from the year 2046 to 2050, and we are absolutely thrilled to hear what people think of it.”

Prior to launch,Defiance 2050 will be entering a closed beta period that interested players can sign up for. Player feedback is essential, so fans are encouraged to sign up and offer insight on the game prior to its launch.

Defiance 2050 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in summer 2018.