Trover Saves the Universe Coming To Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

After spending months wreaking havoc on PC and PlayStation 4, Trover Saves the Universe is ready to invade the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

In an announcement confirmed by IGN today, Squanch Games will bring the oddball adventure title to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One platforms in the coming weeks. The Switch version will arrive first on Nov. 28, with the Xbox One edition to follow on Dec. 3. Both games will be available for a 20 percent discount at launch, bringing the price down to around $24 (from its usual $29.99).

The game features the vocal talents of Justin Roiland, who voices the main characters on the hit animated series Rick and Morty. That adds to the game’s overall appeal, which involves a hero who works alongside an oddball character with babies stuffed into his eyes. No, really—see for yourself in the trailer.

Trover Saves the Universe – Extended Ad Spot | PS4 From the co-creator of Rick and Morty comes Trover Saves the Universe. Your pups are missing. The cosmos is at stake. Only you and Trover can save everything in this bizarre comedy adventure. Out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR!

“We love this IP, and we’re really excited that gamers from all sides of the gaming sphere can finally play it,” Roiland said.

While the Xbox One and Switch versions won’t have virtual reality support of the original release, they will include the Important Cosmic Jobs DLC, which introduces new characters and scenarios, as well as more wackiness from Roiland and company.

These versions of the game will arrive alongside a special offer for the existing versions of Trover Saves the Universe. Those that haven’t picked up the PlayStation 4 or Steam versions yet will be able to do so at a 30 percent discount, starting Nov. 22.

IGN also inquired if Trover Saves the Universe would be the most profane game released for the Nintendo Switch, beating out the previously released South Park: The Fractured But Whole. “The most profane maybe. Not sure about the most profound,” Roiland said. “The game has a funny and engaging story but the moment-to-moment dialogue is very loose by choice. Lots of people have said the game plays like a long sci-fi interdimensional cable show, and I take that as a compliment. That’s exactly what we were aiming for.”