Troy Baker and Marvel Games seemingly hint at Daredevil’s return to gaming

Rumors spark from a conversation on Twitter.

Voice actor Troy Baker and Marvel Games’ Bill Rosemann have apparently shared a teaser for a possible Daredevil’s return in gaming.

At first, Baker, who is known in video games for roles such as Joel in The Last of Us Part II, has shared an innocent-looking tweet about dream superhero games. 

He tagged Bill Rosemann, VP and head of creative at Marvel Games, and Rosemann himself replied, seemingly hinting at something.

“You, sir, are clearly a man without fear,” he told Baker, using the tagline Daredevil is known for in comics while talking to the voice actor.

The most suspicious detail about the conversation is that none of the two has spent time debunking all the speculation that has sparked since then.

While this could be just an innocent joke between two friends, that has been enough to spread the word that there could be a Daredevil game in the works, or simply a return to gaming for the character.

The second supposition might be more likely as Marvel has several triple-A games where the character would be rather fitting, instead of requiring a standalone title.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is not official yet but should be in development for PS5 at Insomniac Games, and that would seem to be the best place for Daredevil’s return.