Turtle Rock Studios Working on New Coop Shooter Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios, the developers behind Left4Dead, Left4Dead 2, and Evolve, has announced an unofficial successor to Left4Dead called Back 4 Blood. It’s going to have a coop element where the players face hordes of undead creatures, much like their previous titles.

Unfortunately, all we have on our end is the announcement. Turtle Rock has not disclosed a trailer or any screenshots for the game, only the name, and concept. However, they will be partnering with Warner Brothers Interactive to publish the project.

There are additional details on Turtle Rock’s official website where they have created an FAQ section, which you can read for yourself here.

The FAQ does shine important information about the game. Turtle Rock plan to have a PvP element, unlike their previous titles. However, this PVP mode will not be a battle royale mode. There’s also going to be microtransactions, but Turtle Rock plans to communicate with the game’s community about those before setting anything in stone.

Back 4 Blood will release for the PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.