Twitch is sending out personalized recap emails to let you know who kept you company in 2020

How did you spend your time?

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin/Creative Commons

Twitch has begun the process of sending out personalized emails to all users to recap how they spent their time in 2020. With many of us spending far more time at home than we normally would during the last year, lots of people out there spent a lot more time watching their favorite streamers.

If you check your inbox right now, you may already have your own personalized recap email waiting for you.

The emails let you know your most-watched categories, channels, how many chats you sent, your most-used emotes, top subscriptions, and how many total channel points you earned across all channels. You can even get a custom graphic to download or share on social media so you can compare it with your friends.

It’s a very nice touch, a little bit of flair to wrap up a year where more people than ever relied on the internet and their favorite chats and streamers to feel connected with each other.

Interestingly, the emails seem to only focus on the gaming side of things. The reason I think this is that I personally spent a ridiculous amount of time watching people paint miniatures on Twitch, but all my top channels are gaming related. I’m unsure if this is a flaw in the system, or a conscious decision from Twitch to focus only on the gaming side of things.

I’m looking forward to seeing people posting their cards on social media, seeing exactly how many hours they managed to rack up with their favorite streamers and gaming personalities.

If you don’t have your email yet, it could take a little while for Twitch to get them out to everyone, so just be patient and it will arrive in your inbox shortly.