Twitch Launches Open Beta for Native Streaming Software Twitch Studio


Twitch wants to make it easier for streamers to get their start on the site by introducing the new Twitch Studio software, now available in open beta. The Twitch Studio application assists beginner streamers in getting their set-up working, looking professional, and providing valuable assets they can use while streaming.

You can download the software from Twitch’s website for free now. You’re going to need the Windows 7 operating system or better to run it, as well as a Twitch account. The program directly connects your Twitch account to your PC, making the streaming process far more accessible for those looking to start.

Unlike other open-source services, like Streamlabs OBS, those using Twitch Studio can only stream to Twitch. The creation of this tool may keep more creators on Twitch’s platform, rather than having them migrate to other websites, such as Microsoft’s Mixer, Facebook, or YouTube.

Twitch has a big motivation in keeping streamers on its platform since its largest streamer, Ninja, left for Mixer in August, and another top streamer, Shroud, followed suit in late October.

Twitch Studio is currently in the open beta phase, so there are plenty of changes likely to come over the next few weeks. Twitch has an FAQ for those who have any additional questions regarding the new application.